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The driving forces and values at MPK Advisors & CPAs are mission, purpose and knowledge (MPK). With that in mind, Michael Klein founded the company to innovate and redefine the role of the accountant and infuse mission, purpose and knowledge into relationships with clients. After so many years hearing taglines for CPAs like “bean counter,” “tax preparer” and “compliance person,” Michael realized that the perception, and (in many cases), the reality is that these phrases characterize the extent of what the public experiences when engaging with today’s accountants and CPAs. This was discouraging, especially when knowing what the greater public needed and deserved when turning to a CPA for help.

What he found was that clients weren’t just looking to get their tax return prepared at the end of the year, or for a set of financial statements to be ‘emailed over’ without any other interpretation of results. From talking to many individuals, families, nonprofit organizations and businesses in the community, the consistent feedback Michael received when asked what a client wanted in a CPA was: trusted advisor. The gap between the perception of many of today’s accountants and CPAs, and what could be, inspired Michael to found a firm that would change the role of the accountant from “compliance person” and “bean counter” to trusted advisor. This new relationship paradigm would start with understanding what mission and purpose drive clients, and bring years of knowledge and experience to guide their financial decisions.

“Being purpose-driven also starts with us. Because of our firm philosophy, we believe strongly in being a vested part of our community by giving of our time, talent and financial resources for the benefit of the community at large. We know how much this means for the nonprofit and church organizations we serve as well.”

“At MPK Advisors & CPAs, we envision a world where purpose-driven individuals and organizations are well-informed to make confident financial decisions. To this end, we become our clients’ trusted business advisor and advocate by educating and coaching our clients to remove the fear and anxiety of making financial decisions.”

“From whatever background or industry you come, Michael puts relationships first and wants to meet you and hear your story! For Michael, relationships are not just transactional, they are transformational!”

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Michael Klein

Michael has over 12 years of experience working in the accounting industry as a licensed CPA. He enjoys working with nonprofit and church organizations and specializes in this industry by offering a range of financial management services, from basic accounting and reporting to CFO-level outsourced services. Also, Michael has extensive experience in tax preparation and compliance services for nonprofits and helps to ensure they meet ongoing compliance requirements while strategizing for program growth. Sharing the consistent theme of mission, purpose, and knowledge, Michael sets himself apart as a CPA because he seeks to understand Vision & Mission first, which help to drive the financial conversations.

Michael graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a double major in Economics and Political Science. He was able to study and work in Washington, DC, and in Africa where he learned a great deal about business development and government policies. 

Since then, he has gained years of wisdom and experience in financial services, ranging from experience as a financial and tax advisor, as well as auditor and consultant. He currently resides in southern California with his wife and two boys (who never seem to tire out!). He enjoys hiking, camping, and running, as well as serving and volunteering with his local church and other nonprofits in the community.


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 “We met Michael at our former church over 10 years ago. We know he is a man of integrity and we trust him. He is attentive, precise, informed, and extremely educated. We have had the pleasure of working with him since 2019.”

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“We have been working with Michael on our audit for several years, so when he started his own firm, MPK Advisors & CPAs, we had no problem making the decision to continue using his services.  He ensured a timely audit process so that we met our compliance deadlines and always maintained open communication regarding the status of the audit along the way.  Michael is a pleasure to work with and provides valuable feedback on internal control and organizational structures.  MPK Advisors provides superior service, hands down. “

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At MPK Advisors & CPAs, we understand that the workplace should be an environment where our team members are encouraged to explore and develop their innate strengths and career goals to truly thrive and realize their full potential. We understand that, to create holistic well-being, not just for ourselves but for those around us, we need to find something we love to do that benefits society and the clients we serve. If we can use our strengths at our job each day, this connects our daily activities to a much higher purpose. We hope to be that place where you can experience well-being in your career such that it complements the other aspects of your life and becomes an extension of who you are.