Proactive tax planning

Tax Planning & Preparation

Getting taxes done can sometimes bring more fear than going to the dentist. We want to change that. How? By re-inventing the client relationship model for tax services. At MPK Advisors & CPAs we don’t believe in big tax surprises at the end of the year. To this end, we strive to take a proactive approach throughout the year as your trusted advisor, holding more regular meetings to engage on your personal or organization’s goals to best help you minimize your overall tax burden. This helps to alleviate the year-end surprises, which no one likes.

We serve businesses, nonprofits and individuals by getting to know what drives them and  helping them to navigate the complexities of the tax code and making it more understandable. This helps our clients make more confident financial decisions and ensure that they are taking more advantage of tax strategies available to them of which they may not be aware.

Tax Preparation

Navigating small business and non-profit returns can be challenging. Understanding all of the eligible deductions, credits, and strategies takes patience and expertise. Are you paying more tax than necessary? Are you ensuring that your nonprofit organization is meeting all of its exempt organization tax compliance and filing requirements?

MPK Advisors & CPAs takes the pain out of year end tax preparation by creating a streamlined process that is easier and more efficient. We’ll help collect and organize your tax documents so that we can file accurately and quickly. All you need to do is to drop off the required tax documents or upload them to our secure file portal. To minimize your tax, we help you plan carefully and take advantage of all deductions, credits, and strategies the tax law allows.

We provide onsite and cloud-based services to fit your needs, ensuring your business has expert-level tax preparation services for success.

Expert Advice and Tools

Experienced Team

Save you Money

Benefits of hiring a Small Business Tax Accountant

Benefits of Hiring a Small Business Tax Accountant

  • Lighten your tax burden. We not only save you time, we save you money! We help you to identify every deduction, credit, and strategy that will minimize your tax payments.
  • Trusted and secure guidance. We provide a secure file portal for you to upload your tax documents, and we will help you collect and organize all of your files.
  • Timely tax payment. We help you determine the right amount of estimated payments to cover your tax liability throughout the year with our proactive tax planning approach. This helps prevent year-end tax liability surprises!

Not sure where to start? Consider our QuickBooks Review for a quick and affordable review of your financial fitness. Receive trusted, professional advice with no additional commitment required.