Audits done right

Audits & Assurance

Clients expect more than just management letter recommendations after an audit. Our process uses knowledge and wisdom to provide value-added suggestions that help our clients achieve financial and operational success.

MPK Advisors & CPAs has specific and extensive experience in providing audits and other assurance services to nonprofit organizations in the community who may need the audit for grantor, lender, or other government agency purposes. Dedicated to the nonprofit industry, we bring the heart of accounting to our clients. While many public accounting firms may have a unit or department that services nonprofits, our entire firm is built upon and leads with the experience of serving a wide range of nonprofit organizations, including:

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Southwest County
  • Habitat for Humanity Inland Valleys
  • Thessalonika Family Services
  • California Land Conservancy
  • Inland Vineyard Christian Fellowship
  • Laguna Presbyterian Church
  • Others, including foster agencies, social welfare organizations, chambers of commerce, land conservancies, charter schools, child development centers, and realtor associations

We not only align our audits and other assurance services with your business and non-profit functions, but also go beyond just the financial statements. Businesses and non-profits need auditors and advisors who understand their industry, their long-term strategy and any risks that need to be assessed and managed. Businesses and non-profits need advisors who can interject this knowledge into the audit process.

This is why our audits are undertaken with detailed, agreed-upon expectations to which management and the engagement team are equally committed. These commitments thread through every aspect of the way we conduct and manage an audit, enabling the engagement team to utilize resources in the most efficient way that provides consistent value-added audit services.

This approach focuses on understanding all aspects of a client’s organization, including areas such as:

  • Industry-specific processes.
  • Sales and marketing.
  • Personnel and human resources.
  • Financial results.
  • Business processes.
  • Management of capital.
  • Management information systems.

Our approach enables us to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your organization. We want our clients to see us as business partners with whom they can discuss, in confidence, their business issues and strategies.

We also offer assurance preparation services. Whether you’re gearing up for your first audit or striving to improve on the results of your past audit, we can provide our expert guidance to strengthen your internal control policies and procedures and mitigate the risk of future audit findings. Our assurance services are thorough because you deserve it.

MPK Advisors & CPAs can provide you with an independent, objective view of your financial condition. We can do this while maximizing the transparency and reliability of financial information provided to investors, creditors, donors, grantors, government agencies, and other stakeholders for their use in making timely investments or grants and donations. We also utilize modern document exchange technology to streamline the audit process and reduce duplicate requests, making the whole process less burdensome and frustrating.