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Make confident financial decisions.

MPK Advisors & CPAs is not like most traditional accountancy firms. Rather than focus on traditional compliance services, MPK specializes in forward-thinking, high-value, strategic business and not-for-profit advisory services for our engagements.

Our team can remove the fear and anxiety of managing your finances so that you can focus on your mission.

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Expert Guidance

Take Charge of Your Finances

Running a Business or Not-for-Profit can be challenging and complex. Our qualified team of advisors have the skills, knowledge and experience to expertly guide you.

Tax Prep & Planning

We utilize a proactive approach to taxes so you won't have surprises at the end of the year.

Audit & Assurance

By becoming your trusted advisor, we infuse added value into our audit and assurance engagements.

Financial Management

Our service model offers a range of services depending upon your specific industry and needs.

Business Consulting

As a strategic partner we navigate the complexities to help you make more confident financial decisions.


Mission, purpose & Knowledge

MPK Advisors & CPAs

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The Firm

At MPK Advisors & CPAs, we envision a world where purpose-driven individuals and organizations are well-informed to make confident financial decisions. To this end, we become our clients’ trusted business advisor and advocate by educating and coaching our clients to remove the fear and anxiety of making financial decisions.

MPK Advisors and CPAs offers a multitude of services for Business and Not-for-Profits designed to meet your financial accounting, reporting and analysis solutions. Our approach is not just “bookkeeper” or “accountant”, but as a strategic business partner and trusted advisor, providing high-value input for management and decision-making processes.

MPK Advisors specializes in Non-Profits and Churches by offering a range of services and industry specific accounting systems with dynamic budgeting and reporting capabilities, and helping to strategize for program growth.


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Purpose driven orginizations

NonProfits & Churches


Dedicated to the nonprofit industry, we bring the heart of accounting to our nonprofit clients. While many public accounting firms may have a unit or department that services nonprofits, our entire firm is built upon and leads with the experience of serving a wide range of nonprofit organizations. 

Specifically for nonprofits, churches and ministries, we offer a multitude of services designed to meet their financial accounting, reporting and analysis needs. Our most popular services are our complete outsourced accounting and advisory solutions, which relieves the organization of the burdens of managing an in-house accounting team. 

We also offer guidance and experience on operating nonprofit industry-specific accounting systems with dynamic budgeting and reporting capabilities, grant writing and grants management services, assistance with internal control policy and procedure design, audit preparation and facilitation services, financial reviews & audits, tax preparation and planning, and much more!

Meet the founder

Michael Klein

Michael Klein founded the company to innovate and redefine the public perception of the role of “accountant” and infuse Mission, Purpose and Knowledge (MPK) into the relationships with his clients.

With over 12 years of experience in financial services, ranging from financial advisor, tax advisor, auditor and consultant, Michael offers clients with a plethora of perspectives in order to make more confident financial decisions.

Michael Klein

“MPK Advisors ensured a timely audit process so that we met our compliance deadlines and always maintained open communication  regarding the status of the audit along the way. Michael is a pleasure to work with and provides valuable feedback on internal control and organizational structures. MPK Advisors provides superior service, hands down.”

Carly Bennett-Valle / CEO
Boys & Girls Club


“Michael has been an incredible asset to both my team and our organization. He is able to jump right in and quickly understand complex problems, identify pain points, and recommend intuitive solutions. He always demonstrates an authentic interest in the mission of our organization and produces solutions in the context of our goals and vision for the future.”

Christopher Mannoia
Executive Director of Finances & Operations

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Insights and Information

With several years of expertise and experience assisting individuals, businesses and nonprofits to make more confident financial decisions, we want to be at the forefront of the newest developments in the industry by offering our analysis of important issues affecting you. If you have other topics you’d like us to address, we welcome inquiries through the Contact Us link above.
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