Never Quite Done?

Remodeled Remodel

Is it just me, or do you guys do it as well?  It appears my remodels always end up getting remodeled.  Everything from color schemes to room textures, and plant locations.  At first glance, to most people, the room or rooms look comfortable, well lit, and very stylish, but all I think about is what needs to be changed or repainted.  With all this remodeling comes the finances or lack of to cover the endless ideas. 

I will literally walk into Lowes or Home Depot days after a remodel and notice a better color scheme or decorative idea, and the process of remodeling my remodel begins all over again.  I end up with closets full of things I once cared for but no longer appeal to me.  I refuse to throw anything away though because what I have learned with décor, designers are always recycling and incorporating new ideas with old items.  I have always enjoyed decorating as a child but this passion and hobby of mine can leave me a little stressed for time. 

For example, I have 3 incomplete walls at this moment that await new wooden designs and paint, and with December around the corner here I am stuck with very little time to complete these projects yet again. With all that said remodeling my remodels has been both challenging and therapeutic and I look forward to whatever my brain has planned next.